About Justin Tsui

Hong Kong multidisciplinary product designer, creative director, marketing director - Justin Tsui

Business Design & Regional Marketing Innovation  (MBA+MA)

Product Innovation + Brand Marketing + Digital Technology +  Competitive Advantage Strategy

I create ZERO-to-ONE Business Impact & Competitive Advantage with 20+yrs Strategic Product & Brand Innovation in FMCG Retail & Digital Consumer Tech.

Justin is a regional Business Design & Marketing Leader specialised in uncovering business opportunities and customer insights, then create business impact & advantage with cross-disciplinary business acumen, technology know-how, and strategic design & marketing skill set.

With a focus on customer-driven innovation in consumer electronics and consumer packaged goods (CPG & FMCG), Justin Tsui is passionate about driving holistic innovation to deliver customer values and improving life with Creativity & Technology.

Specialised in delivering innovation pilot projects from concept to launch with lean resource and speed.

Previous Commercial Successful Cases:

  1. Conduct market analysis to identify Blue Ocean opportunity with Dual Brand repositioning strategy and packaging architecture for a leading Global food organization in China market. 
  2. Drive digital transformation and launched AI Skin Analyzer device for Mary Kay Asia Pacific markets will full communication and education support
  3. Initiated MK Academy Vision and IT framework to digitize and transform Salesforce training and team building experience with gamification  
  4. A key contributor to P&G China Tide total brand rejuvenation initiative – consumer researchbrand architecture revamp, packaging strategy revamp, 360 brand guideline, new product line extension innovation etc.
  5. Initiate & design an award-winning premium product line to elevate brand and entry new market segment for VTech
  6. Developed retail marketing campaigns for 7-Eleven Hong Kong & Taiwan to drive sales & build customer engagement
  7. Designed Hong Kong’s first sustainability awarded mini-theme park & children Playground and won sustainability award
  8. Developed a digital marketing campaign to drive awareness and generate new leads for Perfect Shape Medical group
  9. Provide product & brand consultation service for multiple startup companies in medical, Consumer Goods, and consumer electronics.

Hands-on Entrepreneurship

Justin Tsui designed and launched probably the world’s fastest and most cost-effective household range in 8 months – from idea to production, marketing trade show and retail launch!

As an independent designer & marketer, Justin handles end-to-end brand strategy & positioning, product design & engineering, marketing toolkit, photography & video, the website with an integrated online shop, trade show design & promotion, and successfully launch the new brand and product collection in Hong Kong TDC Design Gallery Shop.

Other Startup & Entrepreneur Experience:

  1. Successfully funded a Kickstarter campaign from product concept, production, marketing promotion, to eCommerce setup and product delivery to 25 countries within 9 months – LaBird
  2. Co-found Digital marketing & Brand consulting business 
  3. OEM to OBM business transformation with integrated Product Innovation and Brand Marketing Consulting – Canvaz
  4. Designed multiple new brands & product development for startups and SMEs – IOTs, Electronics, Beauty & Personal Cares products.

Passion for Creativity & Technology Innovation

“Real innovation is grounded upon a deep understanding of people and your authentic love for people, so you always want to find better solutions to help improve their living, happiness, and meaning. Innovation comes in different forms like great designs of product & brand, user experience, space & environment, the way we operate in business and live our life, the brand value and storytelling we communicate, the business models and how the organization and society ecosystem works etc.”

Justin continues, “Innovation is not just about having a great vision or idea, but more importantly how to execute and realize them considering various limitations and challenges. There are many people who can talk, and there are many people who can do, but very few who can do both with hands-on experience and real passion. I want to set that benchmark and promote the importance of multidisciplinary innovation thinking and doing, for better, faster and cost-effective innovation solutions.”


Justin Tsui enjoys both strategic and creative works with a passion for digital and technology. He always operates with the highest work ethics and respect for people. Justin aspires to be a Global Innovation & Marketing Leader that serves people’s life with beautiful, enjoyable & meaningful products and services.

Graduate from Hong Kong Polytechnic University- School of Design in 1997, and later awarded British Chevening Scholarship to study in London’s Central Saint Martin’s College of Arts and Design with a Distinction Postgraduate Degree. 

To fulfill his long term dream, Justin is expected to receive his MBA from The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology by July 2021, where he  polished his business acumen with a focus in Digital & Technology .   

Justin worked and thrives in top-notch multinational companies (MNCs) with global business footprints across Europe, US, South East Asia, China, Hong Kong & Taiwan. 

20+ years of experience in product development, brand strategy, retail & digital marketing, and worked with best-in-class brands like P&G, Tide, AT&T, VTech, TCC7-ElevenSanrio, SC Johnson, Mary Kay  & Bimbo etc.

While deeply rooted in his strategic creative background, Justin also has great interest in Philosophy, Psychology, Social-cultural trends, FashionTechnology, Digital & Analytics etc. Recently, Justin is learning Python, and furthering his research on AI, AR/VR, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency/NFT,  and Robotics & Automation; along with his long term love on 3D Printing.

The T-shape knowledge provided a very solid and diverse intellectual basis for Justin to address complex creative & business challenges with 360-degree perspectives.

Currently an independent innovation and strategy consultant at Artefactx, while enjoying his MBA study in the HKUST.  Justin is also a visiting lecturer for PolyU School of Design for BA Product Design and MDes International Design & Business Management courses.