crystal totem housewares and home decor design

New Business Design and Brand Development

Canvaz is a new brand creation and business design that leverage the holistic innovation processes with limited resource.

The outcome of the project is a totally new business design encompass from business positioning to branding, product development and marketing communication design.

The launch series – Canvaz’s Crystal Totem – is a Housewares and Home Decor Collection inspired by ancient pottery and modern architecture. The products are multi-purpose containers and home decor items that perfectly balanced the practicality with personality.

Holistic Innovation Approach

Holistic Innovation is about integrating multi-disciplinary ideas to form a unique and own-able proposition that create values for the organisation with minimum risk.

By developing the Brand Strategy, Product Development, and Marketing Campaign ideas in parallel, Holistic Innovation ensures the elements are integrated and mutual support each other to create unique and own-able assets for the business.

Read more about Holistic Innovation process here.

Business & Brand Strategy

The Inspiration & Competition – Canvaz position itself as a design-driven and life-enhancing brand, with a belief that “Life is an Art, Paint it Your Way”. Canvaz products seek to promote the beauty of creativity and craftsmanship, and most importantly to provide inspirations for customers to reinterpret and create new uses and meanings that suit their own lifestyle.

Social Responsibility – Canvaz products using durable and eco-friendly material like silicone rubber and bamboo etc., the product structure and assembly are also designed to maximize recycle purpose. Canvaz also uses recycled paper for the packaging and use a limited number of inks and printing in design.

Available resource and competitive advantage – A successful business & brand strategy also require a thorough consideration of available resource; to determine what are the existing competitive advantage we have and what advantage we want to build. Then to formulate strategy and plans how to achieve and sustain those competitive advantages.

Target market and consumer segment – Related to the inspiration and competition, the new brand has to determine a clear primary target market and consumer segment, so it could laser focus its acquisition and communication efforts to build a loyal consumer base. For Canvaz, the primary customers will be creative individuals who love design and artistic lifestyle, and who are dare to be different and expressing their own point of views towards life etc.

Scalability – For any business to sustain its growth, scalability is very important, so Canvaz’s Product & Brand design must built-in the same strategy to reinforce the business.

New Brand Creation

Brand Vision – Canvaz brand is inspired by Muji + Alessi, and to combine the best of simplicity and artistic expression into a middle way attitude. Canvaz emphasis the importance of a balanced life that combines a bit of zen and poetic craziness.

Brand Equity – As a lifestyle brand, Canvaz strike to build balanced west and eastcontemporary, a design-driven product with quality craftsmanship.

Canvaz Logo Construct All

Product Design & Development Scope

  • Product Identity & Language – Aesthetic Language, Family look features, Proportions, Colour, Material & texture,
  • User Experience – The Look & Feel, Tonality, Ergonomics,
  • Technical Feature – Production feasibility, flexibility and scrap rate control, assembly efficiency, eco-friendly assembly to support recycle processes.
  • Story Telling – Design aspiration, marketing communication features, product differentiation that matched the new brand development strategy

Canvaz new brand development by Justin Tsui

Marketing and Communication

  • Product Catalogue – Brand storytelling and Product information, for trade shows and postage to buyers, tangible reminder
  • Packaging Design – eco-friendly packaging with recycled paper and a limited number of print colours
  • Exhibition Design – design to portrait a lifestyle driven brand image and showcase the product on modular system stage
  • Social Media – Setup social media platform to build awareness and awareness on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. Joining social media platforms and to create engaging contents is critical in today’s digital world especially in new brand development with a limited marketing budget.
  • Website with integrated shopping Cart – Responsive website design with an integrated shopping cart to provide update brand information and develop online sales channel.
  • Video Content – Leverage exhibition setting to produce a simple product video for promotion use

Canvaz Booth26Apr_0066


Canvaz All Package e Stacked 1024px

Complexity in New Brand Creation

As listed above, there are lots of activities and process required for a new brand and business development. By leveraging holistic innovation’s parallel process, a company could minimise the initial investment, human resource and time, and save up to 90% of a standard process.

This is particularly useful for new business ideas that required quick assessment from the market, once you collected market responses with the business/brand prototype, then the idea could be pass to dedicated business teams to perfect and scale the impact.

Holistic Innovation process helps to develop and test new brand creation ideas with lower investment and risk, and it requires a new type of management and organisation design to enable and maximise its impact on the business.

Brand management & operation capability

Once you developed the right product, with the right brand positioning and successfully launched, the next step is to continue to nurture brand equities and loyal customer bases.

Many new brands fail due to weak brand management and go to market execution, so it is very critical management are fully committed to investing in the long term brand building.

Successful brand building requires strategic brand management team and excellence in use with creative communication and customers experience execution.

When you successfully built strong brand equities and loyal customers bases, the brand will become your invaluable brand assets to enable sustainable business growth like CocaCola, Apple etc.