A new experience crafted to practice focus, to unleash creativity, and to refine balance for body & mind.

LaBird – Creative & Mindful Balance for your body & mind

The Design

LaBird is a unique type of personal object designed to inspire a balanced & mindful lifestyle.

In the form of a bird, LaBird symbolizes freedom, the courage to explore, to search for true happiness.

LaBird is carefully crafted with a faceted form to enable multi-position stacking and balancing, also as a mini-sculpture on your desk.


LaBirds are made of brass and available in anodized Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold colours.

The faceted edges and anodized colour are designed to wear-off and change with your use, it becomes a witness of your personal creative & mindfulness journey.

LaBird’s body is a secret compartment to store a discrete gift message to your friend or personal inspiration.

You can place LaBird on your desk, or carry around as a worry stone, or attach your own accessories to become a key chain, necklace, earring, brooches, decorative charm etc.…

LaBird is designed to last the test of time and growth with its user, it will not run out of style for years to come with a classic and contemporary look.

Creative Stack & Balancing Game

LaBird is engineered to be stackable in various positions, do you know there are more than 50+ ways to balance 3 LaBirds off the ground?

With practice and creativity, there are more balancing possibilities yet to unfold!

There are 5 basic positions to place LaBird on a flat surface, and many more possibilities to balance LaBird on each other using various techniques of flat stacking, counterweight, and inter-locking etc.

Have fun experimenting with different ways to balance the LaBirds and challenge yourself to stack the most LaBirds with the most creative ways!

Every Stack is a unique Experience

– Start with 1 of the 5 Basic positions (Head, Feet, Belly, Back, Tail & Feet)

– Each position provides a different set of a foundation for balance another LaBird on top

– Each stack requires a different sense of focus and hand-eye coordination

– Due to the handcrafting process, each LaBird come with some slight difference in weight and wall thickness, thus provide varieties in balancing positions

– The faceted edges will gradually wear-off, plus new dents and scratches created with use, LaBirds will change together with your personal experience.

– There is no right or wrong way to Stack LaBird, you can create your own rules, make it more personal the better!

Basic Balancing Steps

  1. Find a surface, flat or rough of your own choice
  2. Choose one of the 5 Base position to start
  3. Take the 2nd LaBird in your palm, observe the shapes and feel the distribution of weight
  4. Take a few deep breaths to focus your mind, decide a position that you would like to stack
  5. Breath slowly and pay attention to the shift of weight and centre of balance, steadily lower LaBird into the target position
  6. While landing the LaBird in position, hold your breath briefly to improve focus & steadiness
  7. Once locked in place with balance, gently release your fingers from the sides
  8. Repeat from step 3 with the 3rd LaBird accordingly

As Mindful Practice of Awareness & Let Go

Mindfulness is the ability to calm your wandering mind and to focus on the present moment.

Mindfulness practice comes in different forms, like basic breathing focus, or combine it with yoga exercise, or during daily activities like drinking tea, walking in the park etc. It is about creating moments to practice awareness and control of your thoughts.

There are many scientific researches proven the benefit of mindfulness to help reduce stress, improve creativity, enhance productivity, and strengthen self-awareness and personal happiness.

By balancing LaBird, it provides you with an opportunity to slow down, calm your wandering thoughts and be mindful about your own senses of balance, physically as well as mentally.

It is a reminder, an inspiration, an invitation to find balance in life while pursuing your own dreams and happiness.

Be Mindful of Your Senses

Holding the LaBirds in your palm, the angular shapes stimulate you’re tactile, give the sense of weight. Toss to observe how they tangle and clashes, pay attention to the awakening tinkles.

When you stack, aware of your breathing, calm your mind and body to be the focus, steady your hands and fingers.

Awaken your senses of balance and calm, you may steadily find physical and emotional balance during the moments.

Sometimes, the attempt to stack will fail due to many reasons; Let it Fail. Let them Fall…


Facing the moments of failure could be difficult for some people, and it creates anxieties and stress. As part of mindfulness practice, we practice the awareness of our emotions and learn to observe and learn the art of Let Go.

With practice, you will create balanced LaBirds with a peaceful mind, and calmly accept the fail attempts; taking a deep breath, try again with a smile on your face.

To strengthen your mind control, you can face other stressful situations with calm and clear awareness.

Practice often, Practice everywhere

Like training our muscles, being mindful requires constant practice to strengthen our ability to sense and control our awareness.

Mindfulness capability becomes even more important in the digital world, where we constantly bombarded with information and connected distractions. 

By displaying LaBirds on your desk, or carry around with you, it helps to inspire and to remind you to be more balanced and mindful in life and to take control of your own happiness.

Happy Mind, Happy Life!