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Rebranding & Shopping Experience design

This project leverage design thinking to propose business strategies for improving the Virgin Megastore business.

The challenges is how to increase market share and differentiate from picking up local music stores, so to retain and attract consumers with a rebranding and shopping experience design.

One key task is to help sell the metal music as a part of the business growth engine.

The project starts with a research and understanding of the consumer behaviours and Virgin’s competitive advantage and opportunities. The proposal was to rebrand a section of the music store to help revamp the corporate identity and strengthen the shopping experience and consumer loyalty.

Music Direction is a multiple purpose space that could transform into an exhibition space, mini concert or conference meeting space, music promotion space, and a music achieve and database for education and community building.

Prototype of the Music Direction space renovation, and a launch promotion campaign called “creative noise” to help promote and sell rock music as the key growth strategy.