Francis-Bitonti-Dita-3D-Dress-2 Francis-Bitonti-Dita-3D-Dress-3 Francis-Bitonti-Dita-3D-Dress-1

I’m amazed by this dress produced by 3D printers from Shapeways. Although it claims to include 300o joints that allow the dress to move with body, it is obviously a catwalk show piece rather¬†than practical use. With black lacquered and 13,000 Swarovski crystals, it attempts to coat the plain plastic shell a touch of elegance and luxury.

I’m no a big fan of plastic clothing, but this 3D printing trend is coming no matter you like it or not. There will be one day your can custom make and print all the things you like with a few finger clicks on your phone…..