Dreams, Tensions and Struggles.

Bang of old stools by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei. Question the root of belonging in this rapid developing economy in China.

Using the iconic symbol of wooden stools, which is commonly used in chinese household

I see a few layers of meaning from the rupture of rural to urban workers to the unsettling drive of economical dreams in general public and tensions. The fast growing pace give hopes and dreams for people to change for better life, yet make people less patient for success, or even twisted the traditional value and goodness along the flow.

I like the work as it depicts the dreams, tensions and struggles of many chinese people HERE and NOW!

designboom_ai-weiwei-german-pavilion-venice-art-biennale_004 designboom_ai-weiwei-german-pavilion-venice-art-biennale_007 designboom_ai-weiwei-german-pavilion-venice-art-biennale_006 designboom_ai-weiwei-german-pavilion-venice-art-biennale_005