You don’t need a fashion degree to experiment your style! How Stable Diffusion help designers to generate interesting Nike shoe concepts fast

Nike shoe concepts

With Art Tech AI, now you don’t need a fashion degree to experiment your style!

As a creative, I was deeply impressed again how Stable Diffusion 2.0 has dramatically improved its ability to create more detail and realistic nike shoe concepts within such a short time.

Stable Diffusion AI

I’ve never designed shoes before, and with some experiments with Stable Diffusion AI, I was able to generate some interesting Nike shoe concepts in a few hours (with a little touch up with traditional design skill)!

An exciting time to witness the rapid development of Art Tech & AI.

AI for business innovation

Use it well, it will drive business innovation and new product development & brand marketing to a whole new level!

It is like baby experiencing their first walk, the urge to explore will be unstoppable for AI.

Design faster & better with AI

Wondering if any business already attempted to get inspirations from AI now. If I was Nike’s creative team, use AI will certainly save me a lot of time to generate creative ideas faster & better!

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