It is hard to believe when we realize that this interesting architecture is actually happening in China’s Dalian. It seems not matching the image perception of northeast China region Dalian!

With the rapid urbanization, and regional development competition (heavily political), there are non-stop architectural projects going on all around China. And many of the project scale and design boldness are not possible to happen in developed countries.

We see a trend that China’s urban development are fused with bold-statement architects as a city-promotion landmark, while it is very exciting to see architects pushing their creativity and use of technology to higher limits on the blank canvas, the infrastructure and urban planning around such projects are another story that people might not see.

We would like to see these creative endure brings in new energy and opportunities to the local economic and social-cultural development at large.

Dezeen_Dalian-International-Conference-Center-by-Coop-Himmelblau_19 Dezeen_Dalian-International-Conference-Center-by-Coop-Himmelblau_17 Dezeen_Dalian-International-Conference-Center-by-Coop-Himmelblau_18 Dezeen_Dalian-International-Conference-Center-by-Coop-Himmelblau_15 Dezeen_Dalian-International-Conference-Center-by-Coop-Himmelblau_14 Dezeen_Dalian-International-Conference-Center-by-Coop-Himmelblau_16 Dezeen_Dalian-International-Conference-Center-by-Coop-Himmelblau_5 Dezeen_Dalian-International-Conference-Center-by-Coop-Himmelblau_4 Dezeen_Dalian-International-Conference-Center-by-Coop-Himmelblau_6 Dezeen_Dalian-International-Conference-Center-by-Coop-Himmelblau_12 Dezeen_Dalian-International-Conference-Center-by-Coop-Himmelblau_7 Dezeen_Dalian-International-Conference-Center-by-Coop-Himmelblau_10 Dezeen_Dalian-International-Conference-Center-by-Coop-Himmelblau_9 Dezeen_Dalian-International-Conference-Center-by-Coop-Himmelblau_8sq Dezeen_Dalian-International-Conference-Center-by-Coop-Himmelblau_ss_3


Austrian firm Coop Himmelb(l)au has completed the Dalian International Conference Center, a contorted steel building in China with conference halls bursting through its facade.


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