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Augmented Reality Catalogue by IKEA

We’ve seen many augmented reality applications, and most of them are just for fun.

But how about business application?

IKEA has put the augmented reality to work for them in a practical and meaningful way. Working together with their printed catalogue, you could use the download AR app to preview and take pictures of your interested IKEA product on site!

Use innovative idea to help your business

One of the challenge when people buying furniture is in visualizing how the product fits in your home, and this augmented reality app doing just that.

Now you could try out all possible offers from IKEA, and boldly try out options at you wildest imagination.

This AR app not only provide a fun experience for consumers, and it also increase the opportunities of purchase and cross-sales!

With the help of technology, there are lot of new opportunities in creating innovative solutions to drive business growth, you just need to be open-minded and have guts in challenge yourself with bold changes!


About the author:

Justin Tsui is a business innovation consultant specialized in holistic product design, brand strategy and digital marketing solutions. With 15+ years professional experience working with MNC consultancies and companies, Justin worked in wide range of projects in various industries like FMCG, Retail Marketing, Telecommunication, Licensing, Electronics, and Public Space Design. Justin have developed many products and brands with proven success, and has the privilege to worked with some of the renown brands & companies including P&G, Tide, Ariel, AT&T, VTech, Chicco, Kappa, 7-Eleven, Disney, Hello Kitty etc…

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