holistic innovation - Canvaz housewares collection by Justin Tsui - Artefactx

Multidisciplinary Design by Justin Tsui

Artefactx’s Holistic Innovation at work

Working in Artefactx, Justin invents and practice Holistic Innovation approach to help companies to save both development time & cost with effective results.

On the successful launch of Canvaz’s first housewares collection – Crystal Totem in Hong Kong’s Gifts & Premium Show 2014. Artefactx has proven the Holistic Innovation approach had saved over 80% development cost in both Human Resource, Time and Capital Investment.

Scope of Works included in this Holistic Innovation Project:

In the case of Canvaz, Justin helped to strategize and design the full sets of Business Innovation from scratch including:

  1. Brand Identity Design
  2. Product Design & Development of 10-Pieces Housewares & Home Deco collection
  3. Engineering & Tooling Ready 3D Data
  4. Marketing and Promotion Campaign – “Think out of Cabinet” Creative & Design
  5. Product Catalogue – Copywriting and Design
  6. Website
  7. Facebook fan page Setup & Management
  8. Exhibition Design & Production
  9. Product Photo Shooting
  10. Video Content Marketing

Rapid Innovation Save 80%+ cost with Positive Results

All these processes only take 2 months to complete with no more than 2 full-time head counts(engineer & marketing) lead by Justin Tsui.

Comparing to a normal process in SMEs which could easily take at least 9-12 months with a project team of at least 4-5 staffs; it could take as long as 18 months in a team of 10 staffs for the whole process if it happens in a multi-national company.

One main character of Holistic Innovation is its speed in delivering multi-dimension strategy and design solutions. And being rapid in the innovation process is a critical competitive advantage in nowadays business.

The brand and product range is receiving very positive feedback from users and buyers, and this sets a very good start for Canvaz as a new business startup innovation.

Holistic Innovation is designed by Digital Era

Holistic Innovation is designed for today’s digital era and fast-changing market dynamics. The core essence is to strategize and design the product, brand and communication in a parallel and integrated process with highly agile leadership and skilful innovation team.

The integrated process is truly a multi-disciplinary design and strategic approach that requires a lot of entrepreneurial spirits and drive for both the project team and leadership.

Like the idea of Lean Startup by Eric Ries, Holistic Innovation is a lean innovation process for tangible products and brands development and marketing.

Holistic Innovation is a controllable risk with huge ROI return

Integrated Innovation is NOT designed to develop a perfect product with 5-20% of the normal investment, instead, it is designed with a mindset to take a controllable risk with minimum investment and potential big returns.

And holistic innovation should be an on-going process that continuously improving existing solution while actively seeking new disruptive opportunities.

Try for your own business

Holistic Innovation is a very unique practice, and Artefactx is very glad that this approach is proven to help save over 80 per cent investment in the Canvaz Project.

We hope this story could help inspire more companies to try out Artefactx’s 360-degree holistic innovation approach, and develop successful new products and brands for their own business.

If you would like to learn more about Holistic Design & Innovation, please feel free to contact Justin at  justin@juistintsui.com.