holistic innovation houseware project by Justin Tsui

Canvaz Crystal Totem 2014-03 holistic innovation houseware project by Justin TsuiCanvaz Crystal Totem 2014-04

Holistic Innovation Design – Canvaz Crystal Totem houseware collection

In this holistic innovation project, I try to practice the idea of parallel value creation processes.

This holistic innovation project includes the creation of the Brand positioning, identity design and product design.

It also complete with marketing material, exhibition design, e-commerce website and all brand communication copywriting.

Using the holistic innovation framework approach, I was able to condense the whole development process into 4 months with very very limited resources.

In a traditional business setting, these processes will take at least 9 – 18 months, with a team of 4-10 different designers and marketers to make it happen. Holistic innovation approach can save up to 90% of the normal development investment in time and staffs.

This project only demonstrate the beginning of holistic innovation approach that I proposed.

There will be continuous adjustment across the product development, brand and marketing process while Canvaz business continue to develop.