Mindfulness Space Design

If Mettaobject is to design a public space, it will be a sculptural park where everyone are invited to enjoy moments of mindfulness and meditation.

People need a space to escape from stressful life and unplug from constant digital distractions!

Openess + Closeness

What if there is a public space designed with a balance of openness and closeness, which invite people to seat and relax while practice moments of mindfulness.

A public space that seamlessly connected with the nature, yet contains pockets of serenity for individuals to calm and meditate.

Inner Space

Inner Space is such a space that Artefactx helped Mettaobject to envision a future public space design for mindfulness.

The structures are designed with organic forms made with stainless steels and aluminium alloys. The 3 towers are designed to protect a sense of “flow” with openings to allow sunlights and fresher to flow through.

Color of Reflection

Surface are finished with reflective silver, bronze and gold finishes. They not only creating sculptural contrast, but also reflect on each other and change colours by the hours with natural lights.

The Inner Space are designed so people can feel a sense of privacy in some area, while remain board visions of the people around and the nature.

Openings are partially cover and open to allow some weather proof, yet remain partially as open space. A signifier of looking inside and outside of the self. Looking inside is to learn how to act outside…

A little step to inspire

Although this is only an initial concept, it helps showcase Mettaobject’s ambition to inspire and encourage conversations on design for mindfulness movement.

Let’s hope these little steps will continue to inspire and stimulate better ideas how creativity and design can make life beautiful, enjoyable and meaningful.