Growth Mindset

Having talents with a growth mindset and ability to learn & innovate fast are arguably the most important capabilities for a business to stay competitive!

However, facing uncertainties are not always easy, because it requires a lot of hardworks to learn new skillsets with a growth mindset to be able to adopt & thrive in new environments.

People hate changes

While most people don’t like changes, it was my great pleasure to meet with a group of young talents from NxTec Career Launcher programme, who are ready to take on career changes in the exciting Innovation & Technology ecosystem.

Know what you want

The workshop starts with a personal storytelling on how I build my career switching path the hardway to acquire a wide range of multidisciplinary innovation capabilities.

Then we kickoff the session with some hands-on self-awareness excercise and discussed the difference between “Job” & “Career”. We also stress the importance of a growth mindset to keep learning in the I&T industry.

Building by Doing

Lastly, we explain how “Building by Doing” help transform negative thoughts of “uncertainty, anxiety and self-doubt” into confidence & motivations, and why “DOING” is the best strategy to help reach personal & professional goals.

I see many potentials in these future I&T talents, we need more talents who can learn fast to leverage technology, and with an agile & daring mindset to think out-of-the-box to explore new things!

Innovation Leadership

As leaders, what can you do to create innovation sandboxes for these talents to experiment new innovative ideas? How can you create an inspiring and open culture to help they become future innovation leaders?

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