Portable vacuum cleaner design by Justin Tsui

Portable vacuum Cleaner design by Justin Tsui

Car Vacuum Cleaner design by Justin Tsui Car Vacum Cleaner Adjusted B 1000px

Vacuum Cleaner Design for Car and Home

Inspired by sports cars, Racer is a clean and sleek vacuum cleaner design for Car and Home use. It is designed with powerful suction mechanism and intuitive user interface.


Leverage Car Design Language

With duo ventilation on the side, they create characteristic fender feature with modern venting patterns.

By carefully blending the rear handle and charging port, it constructed integrated haunches with feature lines to add racing identity to the form and product language.


Sleek & Intuitive Design

Apart from the distinctive sculptural hip, the overall design are streamlined and very simple.

Main control and operations are centralised with intuitive layout, and it is ergonomically designed for one hand operation when use.

Racer is a vacuum cleaner designed with simplicity and language that add characteristic and relevance to its function and target users – drivers who seek stylish & portable vacuum cleaner that fits the look and feel of their cars together with powerful function and intuitive operation.