Design for Mindfulness - LaBird Metaobject

Design for Mindfulness - LaBird Metaobject


Design for Mindfulness

LaBird is a Metaobject that designed to inspire self-improvement and enlightenment. For more information regarding Metaobject project, please click here.

With self-confidence, LaBird looking up the sky to search for her dream. She contemplated her source of happiness and goal in life. Standing sturdily on the ground with her wing comfortably spread and ready to fly out any moment.

LaBird vertical banner gold only

Use as fashion accessory of mini decor

“Be mindful, my friend,” LaBird said. “Place me on your desk, give me in your pocket, or carry me as a necklace, earring, or attach to your keychain.”

“If you like, you could store a paper message in my body to remind what that matters to you in your mindfulness practice.” LaBird continues, “I’m designed with emptiness, and it is you to give life and meaning to this vessel.”

Apart from being an accessory and mini sculpture for your worktop, LaBird also designed to practice your concentration and design for mindfulness awareness.Zen Bird 047Zen Bird 46

Zen Bird 49

Stacking mindful practice

With carefully designed geometry and balance, LaBird could be used as a stacking toy to train your concentration and creative minds.

Be in the moment and learn the arts of concentration and eye-hand coordination with LaBird stacking.

LaBird is 3D printed in Stainless stain and plastics, could be custom made with your own initial Alphabet, perfect for own practice or as a gift.

LaBird Stack group A lo1000

LaBird Stack Group B lo1000

LaBird is a new creation in metaobject’s experimental project, it is designed to inspire and encourage self-awareness and self-enlightenment lifestyle.

I wish it inspires more designers to join & initiate a “Design for Mindfulness” movement to make the world a better place.

If you interested to purchase this object, please visit Shapeways shop HERE.