User research is an integrated part of any use-centric UX design.

Today the UX group discussed the OMEN steps to structure a professional user research.

OMEN – User Research Design Steps

  • Objective
  • Methodology
  • Enrolment
  • Non-bias NATURE execution.

There are an array of different qualitative and quantitative research tools, while they best at addressing different types of research objectives, there are also limitations.

Then, we discussed the NATURE principles that can help develop non-bias research questions and field work, and aim to uncover “ture but not obvious insights”!

NATURE – User Research Principles

  • Non-bias execution
  • Authentic interest in User
  • Truth but not obvious
  • Useless when done wrong
  • Remeber IDKWIDK
  • Empathy within context

We also explained why it take practice to develop the skillsets and mindset to be able to discover deep user insights. Nevertheless, at least we can appreciate more the true value of professional researchers who can uncover insightful “aha findings”!

Simply put, great user research can provide useful insights that our competitors don’t know, so we can develop more desirable product, service and stories to win more customers!

Look forward to learn more together!

OMEN & NATURE are framework developed for my up-coming book, will share more details in near future.

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