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Website Design and Business Consultancy for Digital Marketing Service

As a part of business consultancy for Favor marketing, I designed the Favor brand identity, business model and positioning, Service structure, operation management, as well as all marketing and communication materials, including the website design.

This website use parallax technology to add interactive depth to the browsing. Each section is designed as one page scroll.

The site is user friendly across platform and devices with distinctive, energetic, fun and creative brand image.

I responsible for all content copywriting, creative direction and website design.


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Justin Tsui

Lean Innovation Director - Product & Brand Innovation at Artefactx Consultant
20+ year award-winning designer, marketer and Innovation strategist from startups to multinational companies like P&G, Mary Kay, 7-Eleven, VTech, AT&T, Tide etc. Span across FMCG, Consumer Goods, Electronics, Retail, Digital Marketing & Innovation consultation industries. Designed products and brands that touch over 2 billion consumers across Greater China, Asia Pacific, United States and Europe with 1 billion+ units sold.
Justin Tsui
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