Music Girl doodle

Everyone is an artist, as we all have the desire to create!

Just like how we enjoyed doodling when we were kids.

Space for imagination

There was no judgement and no fear, just letting the pure energy of self-expression out.

Doodle without pressure gives us a space to wonder, experiment and be creative.

It is a process of connecting your body and mind to let your emotion lay the strokes…

When you truly relax and let go of self-judgement, enjoy the moment of concentration,

Creative flow

The creativity and beauty will naturally flow to your fingertips, in its own way, in your own way.

Just like meditation.

Just like listening to the music of your own mind.

Doodling as meditation

This is the joy of doodling, my remedy to restore balance & clarity in body & mind.

A good way to unwind the stress with a little doodle – music girl illustration inspired by Lofi girl.