Generative AI make it Easier

Designing my Christmas and New Year greeting cards for my friends and family is my yearly ritual. With Generative AI, these task gets a little more fun to experiment with different design styles with Generative AI tools as assistant.

Reality takes effort

Though I wish it were as simple as typing a few prompts in Midjourney or Stable Diffusion to get a perfect design.

The reality is many more back-and-forth iterations with the prompt engineering just like any creative process.

Generative AI as Co-design inspiration

As a designer, generative AI helps speed up the idea-generation process with many inspirations that we might not be able to dream of at first.

However, there are also occasions when I’m not able to create a prompt that generates a perfect image that incorporates a few different ideas together.

Design skillset still needed

This is where our design training & skillset come in handy to adjust the composition and detail to our vision.

I don’t know if I can claim the result of these generative AI co-design processes as my original design. These generative AI designs are NOT produced solely from the AI software but go through a serious prompt engineering according to my creative input.

And most importantly, the final design goes through at least 20-60% of content editing using traditional design tools like Photoshop.

Although these images are not 100 percent created by my bare hands, I believe it is still consider a form of orignal design mostly with my creative direction and composition edits. Like Photoshop, AI tools are just another tool to help improve productivity and quality in creative process.

AI for future innovation

One thing for sure is that, this is just the begining of AI co-development journey, and there are many more opportunity we can use AI to help design better product, service and business innovation.

Keep an eye in this space, I will share more on how to leverage AI technology to drive innovation from zero to one in future blogs.

Generative AI by Justin Tsui 2023 Christmas Card
Generative AI by Justin Tsui 2024 Happy New Year