We’ve made it through the special 2020 with ups and downs in some of our journeys.

All things happen for a reason, and I’m grateful to learn and experience the difficult time with a positive mindset. Below are some reflections of my 2020.


While there are some inconvenience and losses due to the Pandemic, I’ve spend more time with my family at home. I’ve spent much more time with my daughters while working from home, while my wife pick up bakery interest and explore her home cooking talent!

I’m also grateful that my parents and siblings have chance to meetup during some important festivals as a whole family.

Most of my immediate family members are living nearby, or within reasonable travel, so we don’t miss the important family gather days.

MBA Study

The MBA study was disrupted for sure, and we tried to meet up for team works where possible and safe. We’ve make it through the first year with so many great learnings and laughters.

Studying MBA was always my long term dream, and I’ve enjoyed every moments of the learning experience with my fellow classmates and professors. Though I hope there were more time for us to meet and interact face-to-face, the knowledge learnt are not less.

I look forward to meet my talented classmates in campus in 2021!


I picked up some part-time teaching in PolyU, which I enjoyed a lot to share my knowledge with the new generation, and to inspire and encourage them to be more creative and innovative to solve problems in the world.

I’m also glad to have the opportunity to work on a challenging brand innovation project for an important client; which keeping me very busy through the year!

My little plan to startup the China business was disrupted for sure, nevertheless, Artefactx was successfully registered in Shenzhen last December, and we are ready for business once the border open! Can’t wait for an existing 2021!


Amid the terrible pandemic, we keep wearing mask most of the time, and it actually help reduce sickness for the whole family. and most importantly, we have more time for rest and exercise at home to fight again virus.

One milestone was achieved a 8 hours 40km cycling with some MBA classmates. It was a personal record ride such a long distance from Shatin to Sheung Shui and Yuen Long.

I started leg cramping after 1 hour ride, and it was a real pain along the road. Tempted to give up during the lunch break, and glad that I chose to continue the journey till the end!

Those it took 2 weeks to recover, it was surely a memorable time with the MBA classmates.


The biggest change last year was with much less time to spent with friends. Many gatherings were cancelled due to the pandemic. The school are forced to conduct zoom-classes most of the time, and it reduced time to build friendship with classmates and friends face to face.

Nevertheless, true friend will never go away even we haven’t meet each other often.

I’m hopeful that we will see each other more often in 2021 and restart travelling!

A Bright new Year ahead

At the first day of 2021, I’m ready to take on the new opportunities ahead and believe that we will all do better in 2021.

With good faith, great result will come!

Wish you all a brand new year of 2021 full of Joy, Health and Prosperity!