How do you unwind stress to stay balanced for body and mind?

Different people have different ways to relax and revitalise their energy.

For me, random drawing works!

It helps me to present in the moment and detox from distracting noises.

Try to draw without judgement, just relax and observe your thoughts, let your hands doodle the flows of creativity as it comes.

Sometimes I draw random shapes and lines, sometimes I choose a subject and draw as practicing exercise.

The key is NOT to seek perfection in the process but to let go of it.

Stress accumulated as we strive to pursue perfections in work and personal life, to strike a balance, sometimes we just need to learn let go!

I see the random drawing exercise not only as a fun pass time, it could be a mindfulness practice to reconcile frustrations and stress.

If you observe, you can see the line and shapes reflects the moment of your mind and wellness along the process.

With practice, you may find these practice help your relax and unwind stress, and it also help cleansing your cloudy thoughts to help see new possibilities & creativities!

Although it might not work for everyone, but no harm to give it a try when you feel stressed next time.

Please share what other tips and tricks that works for you! 😊