digital marketing framework - intelligent emarketing system designed by Justin Tsui

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Digital Marketing Framework – Integrated Emarketing System (IES )

As a business consultant and director for the Favor digital marketing business, I’ve developed a throughout digital marketing framework for the marketing consultants to better guide digital campaign design with clear strategy and best practice.

I call the framework Integrated Marketing System (IES), which includes 6 scope of services and 1 measurement. This frame covers the core essence of digital marketing processes consist of MarketInsight, DigitalOptimax, TargetAware, BrandTrust, CRMDelight, SalesFlow, and most importantly with AnaltyicMeasure to track and measure the marketing campaign and ROI.

I also defined a operation flow to guide the marketing campaign strategy, design and operation. And these framework clearly defines the professional approach that help client strategise, design and operate their digital marketing campaign with measurable results.

These poster are designed for a trade exhibition in China, where I also give a talk to the audience regarding these digital marketing frameworks.