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What is a brand - Funny China Brands

We all know what is a brand, or do we?

Although the concept of branding and a brand is getting more and more attention in today’s business, however, there are still many misunderstandings or under value the true nature of a brand.

With 15+ years experience working with some of the best known brands and brand building experts across industry and business disciplines, I’ve developed a holistic view on the subject of branding, and its relationship to the wider business strategy and product development.

Branding, Product Development & Marketing Sharing to Come

I’m developing a series of writing and presentations to share about branding, product development and marketing. I will share the concepts, best practices as well as insights and case studies across the brand, product and marketing subjects. So keep an eye in this space and subscribe to my newsletter here.

What is a Brand?

The first topic I would like to share is “What is a Brand?”. In this simple presentation, I will point out brand is not simply a logo mark, but a collection of elements to help identify, amplify and embody a set of deeper brand values, propositions and experience. Check out the presentation at Slideshare.

good brand is good business

Good brand is good business, and it creates and represent long term values & assets for your business, and most important attract and retain your loyal customer’s preference.

And the added brand values enable a business to charge premium, and sustain business growth and expansions.

A successful brand will not exist on its own, and it takes time and carefully planned strategy to build and manage, which I will further elaborate in the next sharing.

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