Float cover A

Float is a sleek and premium toothbrush design with magnetic levitation feature and exchangeable brush head.



With built-in magnet in the toothbrush handle, it levitates above the magnetic base with the optional “L” shape guide.

Float per A

Hygiene & easy dry

Float not only provide an unique and playful user experience for your routine oral care, it’s levitation also provide a more hygiene and easy drying function for the toothbrush.

Float exploded A

Optional vertical placement

If user prefer, Float could be place vertically on the base instead of horizontal levitation position.


Mix & Match your own style toothbrush

Besides, Float is designed with detachable handle and brush head, so customers could mix & match various colour, material and finished to custom made the own version of toothbrush.

Float color CMF options B top Float color CMF options D blur Float color CMF options C

Renewable brush head and handle

The detachable brush head also means you can renew the head instead of buying the whole toothbrush when the brush head is wear out. It helps save the environment with less disposal waste.


Be stylish, be fun and help save the environment with Float!

Float Silver views A low