Samsung wearable phone 2016

Samsung Wearable Phone Concept

Wearable technology is growing its penetration in various industries. From a simple wristband that tracks your steps, to smart watches that monitor your health, plus a variety of wearable gadgets that you can wear as jewelry, attach to your shoe and wear on your head etch.

However, many of these wearables require connection to mobile phone or computers to access the insights and analytics, due to lack of larger display screen for information visualization and interaction. Without a big screen, it allows the wearable device to be compact and low cost, but it also means user need to carry extra devices apart from the “must-have” mobile phone.

What if you can make the mobile phone more compact and wearable, so you can get the best of both world in one device?

Samsung wearable phone Gear F1 2016 poster main

Wearable Phone

Samsung wearable phone Gear F1 might be the answer for those who are frustrated to carry multiple devices for jog tracking, health data monitor, and making phone calls and play your favorite games etc.

Samsung Gear F1 is a compact and wearable phone designed to replace your normal phone and wearable wristbands and watches etch. Samsung Gear F1 is a full-featured Android phone with customer interface design optimized for a 4 inches HD flexible screen.

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The flexible screen could be bend and snap to the end of the base buckle to become a wrist phone. The user interface will automatically switch to the user preset wrist mode as a watch or animated wallpaper as a fashion accessory. Or you could retain the full phone feature and use the phone and any Android Apps on your wrist.

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Pack with useful features

A user can use Bluetooth earphones to make calls with the wrist phone format, or the user can simply release the wrist phone and straighten it by fold and snap the flexible screen on the base buckle to become a compact handheld smartphone. With the advantage of the flexible & thin screen, the straighten screen will form are slightly concave shape fitting the base buckle profile to provide a reinforcing screen stiffness for various App usage.

Samsung wearable phone Gear F1 has a built-in pedometer, pluses & glucose monitor, and all sorts of health monitoring Apps that you can expect from the latest smartphones. The built-in sensors are located at the base buckle facing the wrist veins area, for a most accurate and informative monitoring. The sensors modules are designed with a micro-cushioning mechanism to ensure a comfortable contact on users wrist. The micro-cushion system beneath the wrist sensors is adjustable, so it can best fit users wrist while ensuring accurate sensor contacts on the wrist. Samsung Gear F1 comes in 2 sizes with adjustable micro-cushion to fit all user’s wrist.


Battery Life

Gear F1 also come with a super long battery life that lasts 5 days for normal usage, thanks to its compact screen and innovative body-heat charging function via wrist sensor. Samsung wearable phone Gear F1 is also extremely robust with its flexible screen and liquid silicon molded base buckle casing, it can withstand 6 feet drop test and IP 5 water protection.

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Interest to get a hand on this device?

Unfortunately, it is only a concept phone at this stage, although the technology is available and Samsung could probably able to commercialize a phone like this before 2017! Let’s keep an eye on this and see which brand are insightful enough to launch this wearable phone.  If not Samsung, maybe it is LG or even Xiaomi!!!