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Facebook Social Media Marketing Campaign

GKis a premium FMCG brand specialised in anti-germ laundry and surface disinfectant cleaning products.

This social media marketing project’s objective is to help build the social media platform to attract and engage with target consumers, and at the same time to redefine the brand communication tonality ad character to resonate the premium position.

We create a marketing campaign “Germless Care & Love” with fresh and premium visual creative to communicate the Care and love of Mum to their family, especially those young parents.

The whole campaign and separate into 3 stages each with different objective and communication strategy in promotion mechanism and content strategy.

The first stage is to wide spread the brand awareness and build distinctive brand tonality and emotional connections to young moms. We also connecting the online campaign with offline retail offers to drive cross reference and drive trials.

The second stage is to continue to spread the brand awareness and expand to another group of pet owners.

The third stage is to set up online store to build online sale channel and repeat purchase from customers.

We successfully help to setup the company page with professional brand communication and tonality and content strategy, and attracted 2000 fans in GK’s first social media marketing campaign.

Graphic design by G. Ho.