Canvaz Brand Identity Design by Justin Tsui

Canvaz Brand Identity Design & Strategy

Brand Identity Design

 The brand identity design is a part of the Canvaz new business holistic innovation, it includes the logotype and logo mark design, plus a brand slogan design.

Brand Vision – Canvaz brand is inspired by Muji + Alessi, and to combine the best of simplicity and artistic expression into a middle way attitude. Canvaz emphasis the important of a balanced life that combines a bits of zen and poetic craziness.

Brand Equity – As a lifestyle brand, Canvaz strike to build balanced west and eastcontemporarydesign driven product with quality craftsmanship.

Brand Slogan – “Life with an Angle” – the slogan emphasis the individual point of view in life, it echo the artistic attitude and lifestyle, and encourage users to reinterpret the designs with their own angles.

The slogan also matched by the diamond cut angular features in product design, and supported with angular elements in visual communication design.

Contemporary, Clean and Robust  BI Design

The design solution is both contemporary and robust for future brand extension as a lifestyle brand.

The main logotype are clean and minimised with carefully designed rhythm guides from left to right. By removing horizontal stroke in “A”, it simplified the logo and streamlined the wavy form in design.

Round shape logo mark combines and first letter of CANVAZ with the last letter “Z”, it creates a short form for the brand “CZ” and it also remarks the poetic and zen embracement of the brand.

This brand identity design is extremely robust, it appeals to both male and female, and will last the test of time in aesthetic with the simple and geometric strokes. It could easily extend and evolve into a retail and fashion brand when time comes.