What is iSWAT?

Special Weapon And Tactic team is an elite law enforcement unit trained to resolve challenging & high-risk situations. In business context, innovation SWAT (iSWAT) are highly capable & collaborative team specialised in Customer Value Innovation.

iSWAT full name

iSWAT represent 4 category of capabilities – Strategist, Wizard, Activator, Technologist. They are interdisciplinary capabilities own by an individual or a small innovation team.

Each iSWAT must trained to have a Growth mindset to keep learning, and better have multi-domain knowledge across functions and industries. Innovation SWAT team are collaborative with hands-on execution skillsets to be an valuable member.

These capabilities help iSWAT team create customer-centric and business innovation creatively, effectively & timely. More importantly, they are comfortable with highly agile iSWAT process and know how to leverage collaborative AI tools and technologies.

What make innovation SWAT different

Building innovation SWAT is a very difficult task from traditional education and training, and it requires a different organisation management mindset & strategy to nurture the innovation SWAT capability and culture.

Innovation SWAT as a platform

Innovation SWAT attempts to nurture future-ready leaders by providing a platform for individuals and organisations, who interested to nurture integrated value creation skillsets as competitive advantage.

Innovation SWAT aims to breaking functional & organisational silos to enable cross-domain, multidisciplinary collaborations. By experimenting, practicing and developing proprietary innovation SWAT methodology from some of the best know MNCs globally and SMEs locally.

Future proof innovation skill

Many talents are limited to silo functional disciplines, and it is impossible to build multidisciplinary innovation capabilities needed for future. Dramatic change in new mindset and skillset must in place to tackle today’s UVCA problems.

With advancing AI and digital technology, we believe everyone could become more creative, productive and innovative to contribute to solve the world’s tough challenges. Perhaps starting with innovation SWAT skillsets.

Stay tune to master innovation SWAT skillsets for Strategist, Wizard, Activator, Technologist and be future ready with AI to innovate Faster & Better.

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