maruko chan stationery set design by Justin Tsui

maruko chan stationery set for retail promotion by Justin Tsui

Original Hand Sketches by Justin Tsui

maruko stationery poster

Maruko Chan Stationery Set Design

Maruko Chan Stationery Set was designed for retail marketing campaign for 7-11 Hong Kong. This 10-item set each with a very different tool ranging for pen, to ruler, eraser and stapler etc. They both practice and beautiful designed with wobbly heads, they become popular desktop accessory for office ladies and students alike.

This Maruko Chan stationery set help to mark one of the most popular promotion campaign in Hong Kong, and boosted very high campaign participation rate & discussions around Hong Kong when it launch in 2009 Summer.

The product series is so popular that it also re-applied to other region marketing campaigns.