metaobject design by Justin Tsui

metaobject-logo-02 Metaobjects descript pdf.PDF metaobject-formular br_6metaobject-2 metaobject design by Justin Tsui

This is a conceptual project covers the subjects of philosophy, design methodology and a business proposal.

The idea is to develop a new brand and a new type of objects call “metaobjects” which core function is to encourage self-awareness and self-enlightenment, and in long term to achieve the ultimate sustainable lifestyle and community.

With design thinking processes, many ideas and prototypes are produced with group evaluations and interviews, and lastly 2 full size prototypes are built and exhibited.

As a part of the conceptual project, Metaobjects development is just a starting point of a long-term exploration and refinement, and it seeks to build a new lifestyle of self-actualization and global community.

Metaobject rebranded to Mettaobject in 2020.

Please check out for the latest development.