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Use different material on classic design are made possible with new production technology,  it leverage the original design success with new user experience.

what if ole kirk kristiansen, the founding father of the LEGO group, didn’t make the technological leap to create toys made from ultra modern ABS plastic in the late ’40s? see how it could have looked liked if it had been carved from wood!


japanese firm mokurokku hopes to get you feel closer to nature with their new wooden bricks.
each box of mokulock bricks is priced at ¥2,835/USD31 and includes 50 pieces.


they seem to be compatible with standard LEGO pieces, and we would want to see sets of mixed plastic and wood construction on different textures and colors. the mokurukku set has a disclaimer that the pieces can warp or fit together imprecisely due to the nature of the material in different temperatures and scale of humidity.



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