Compact electric car design

Electric car is nothing new and are getting more popular everyday.

From US’s Tesla to China’s Nio, and now this cute little Microlino from Italy.

Microlino 2.0 is newly launched in 2022.

Microlino 2.0 is compact and light weight that you can be charge with standard household plug in just 4 hours.

Its unibody improves safety and reduce parts.

Light weight & less energy

This electric car design has 50% less parts than regular car, weighting 535 kilogram and consuming less energy when driving.

It has an unique front opening door to keep the size compact. This make cross-park and get out directly on the sidewalk.

This is not a car

This is not a car, this is pioneer as Microlino claims it.

It tries to bridge the motorbike and traditional car. With ⅓ of a average car size, each parking lot can fit in 3 cars.

New potential for tourism

Maybe in the future, this could be a self-driving car for tourist, especially for the silver-age economy.

A great potential to be explore.