Passion to create

I design simple greeting cards for my friends and family this year with Stable Diffusion AI tool.

Sometime, it tooks a couple hours and sometime it took longer with some animation and audio.

Sharing a greeting card on social media is a way to express my thoughts to my friends and family, it is also an enjoyable exercise to fulfil my creative needs.

I use the greeting card as an oppoutunity to polish some skill as well as to acquire new one continuously.

Stable Diffusion Generative AI

This year, I decided to design it Stable Diffusion – a powerful generative AI tool developed by OpenAI.

At first, I though it will be easy just to ask Stable Diffusion to design a beautiful Christmas card with a few simple descriptions of the content.

It certainly surprise me with a lot of variants, but I struggled to find the right prompts to generate what I have in mine. A “modern & simplitic style christmas tree made of balloons” as my key visual.

I keep refining the prompts with different colors and designer names and hope that it will arrive at some form of abstract christmas tree that I like.

Bad client syndrome

I feel like a typical client who didn’t know what he want with a vauge brief, and then expect a cheap freelance designer to comeup with a master piece! (The worst enemy of all designers!)

Luckily, Stable Diffusion is not your average designer who need to sleep, have bad temper and limited capability to learn within short time.

So I let SD to run and cran out hundereds of design options while playing around with some more prompts.

Human co-create with Stable Diffusion

It took me a couple hours to finally spot a few interesting & creative work, and then I took over and do some minor adjustments in Photoshop and AfterEffect to finish off the card.

As a designer, I can really use some help from Stable Diffusion to generate some work as inspiration, the trick is to learn the prompt as new langauage to communicate with AI.

Stable Diffusion is like a naive kid with exceptional creativity and capability to learn within a short time. It can create incredible ideas that beyond anyone’s imagination.

Having said that, it is the Human who need to make decisions on which direction to go forward, and how to make good use of these unlimited AI capability in everyday life.


Some designers worry that AI might took over some jobs even for the previously though difficult to mimic creativity. As a designer myself, I saw this as an opportunity to leverage AI to push us to be even more creative and productive at work.

Instead of fight against the AI force, we need to learn new skills to master AI tools as part of new workflow & resource!

Can’t wait to continue learn and have fun with upcoming AI tools to make life more beautiful, enjoyable and meaningful!

Give Stable Diffusion a try here 👉🏻