I was never good at playing computer games, and thought they are mostly a waste of time! However, playing the GEO Global Strategy Simulation Game with the talented classmates from NUS was an exception; even with a little addictiveness in a weird way.

Global Strategy Simulation Game

To be honest, the game interface was terrible to navigate, server speed was slow, plus a few confusing bugs. The “game” experience was so dated like using the MS Excel on Window 3.1!

What make it “addictive” was certainly NOT the game experience itself! It was actually how the design of simulation reflected the complexity of real global strategy decisions for business.

You need to decide which nation to setup companies, what business to set up, considerations of national trade policy, technology, exchange & interest rate, cash flow, labour & material cost, market dynamics, production inventory, pricing strategy, as well as M&A decisions….

By monitoring all numbers in the competitive market dynamics, you then connects the dots to formulate decisions for each of the strategy accordingly! And then it comes price competition and inflations, labour shortage and currency depreciation… lot of challenges to solve just like real business!

Navigate through market dynamics

The fun was in navigating through the market dynamics and uncertainties, then formulate global strategy decisions to build a balanced conglomerate that can best utilise your resource, capture market opportunities, and a balanced business portfolio that are agile to cope with dynamic market changes, or change course as necessary!

You might like the game if you enjoy solving complex business challenges with holistic strategic thinking with some number crunching.

For me, it was a fun simulation game that I can put some of my MBA learning to a good test, and I’m glad that it worked out with great results!