AI Portrait

Using AI to generate your own portrait is fun.

I trained Stable Diffusion to help generate some AI portraits and it was quite addictive to play.

At first it struggle to generate anything that look pleasing to my eyes.

Look alike or not

Whether the image looks like me or not are actually quite random, sometime it does and sometime it was a totally different person.

Below are few images for your own judgement.

Inspiration for fashion design

I was so suripse that AI coudl generate some very detail and beautiful cloths and accessaries for the portrait.

Some design are so good that I wish I coudl actually buy one for real.

Overall, I really enjoyed the experiment, and I will continue to learn and play around with this powerful AI tools, as a way to generate creative and quick inspirations!

AI for good

With designer’s skill and judgement, I believe these AI tools can really help make the world a more creative and beautiful space, if we use it for good and respect other’s IP.

Keep an eye on this exciting AI art & design space!