Undersea farming innovation

I’m inspired by the Nemo’s Garden – an undersea farming technology & business innovation that addresses the shortage of fresh water and food challenge.

Sustainable Innovation

We need more sustainable innovation to help solve the growing food demand.

Especially technology and system design that are more ecologically friendly and produce nutrient-rich alternatives.

Many of these innovations require multidisciplinary collaboration and creative thinking beyond the silo domain. In this case, the business founder and farming know-how need to work with hydro engineers, biologists, marine architects, divers, underwater agriculture researchers, etc to build the innovative business.

Identify Value-Creation Possibilities

As business innovation consultants, our role is to help business owners to connect unrelated dots, challenges status quote, and self-limitations to identify new value creation possibilities!

Most importantly, help owners to test new ideas and business models like a startup; with the right customer-centric mindset and multidisciplinary execution capabilities!

Multidisciplinary Talent & Leadership

As multidisciplinary talents with execution capabilities are crucial to successful innovations, best leaders will drive sustainable growth that benefits both business and humanity!

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