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User Experience Innovation in Digital Era

In era of connectivity and changes, innovation no longer sufficient within an isolated discipline in technology, bio-chemical, or traditional consumer insights, instead user experience innovation needed to be conduct at a system level design to construct a sustainable platform within organization and externally.

Consumers are looking for product & service solutions (e.g. both hardware, software, online and offline for Internet of Things (IoT) ) to enhance enriched life experience and productivity, as well as options of social connections and lifestyle expressions to make life more enjoyable.


Embrace end to end user experience journey in Innovation

With constant changes in technology and increasing connectivity, user experience innovation need to embrace rapid pace of consumers and complex interconnected influence across a wide range of disciplines and industries, from new product concept, engineering, prototyping, consumer test, to marketing, user and business intelligent.  For example, innovator need to understand of both hardware and software development skills to design a cost effective and flexible architecture that are flexibilities to adjust to rapid user needs changes; understand customer engagement journey and user experience construction to best attracts and engage customers via different touch points online and offline; they need to understand data science and analytic to effectively collect, organise and measure customer feedbacks and preferences constantly, so to discover trends and other new opportunities etc..


Leverage Social Media, IoT & Big Data technology

Discovering user insights faster and more accurately are critical to business success, although there are dilemmas in protecting personal privacy vs smart and custom design user experience. Because, the more you understand the user the more effective and relevant solution that you could offer to the target customers.

This leads to the power of Big Data and the capabilities to collect, organise data and discover behaviour insights and trends that guides faster and better business decisions. In parallel to traditional consumer research, Big data technology will provide an extra layer of consumer insights trend forecast that traditional consumer research were not able to capture. For example, to predict the needs of user group by analysing the participation of various social media discussions in pregnancy could lead to certain insights for new product and service ideas etc..


Integrated hardware and software expertise in IoT product development

Collecting legal and meaningful user data online require a robust strategy in digital social media, IoT hardware connection, and big data management system, and the integration and design of the infrastructure and analytic algorithm will determine the efficiency and accuracy of business insights, and thus decisions quality.

By combining social & digital footprints online, with IoT data at home and on the move, business will be able to construct a fuller user behaviour and preferences mapping. And by doing the integrated user experience understanding right, business will uncover consumer needs and market dynamics better and faster than their competitors to capture new business opportunities and enhance their competitive advantages!


Multi-discipline & consumer driven Innovation wins in Digital Era

To win this battle, business leaders need to think out of the box to identify the best innovation leader they can find to lead the changes, from both top down and bottom up level. A great innovation leader for the digital era are those who has a multi-disciplinary and in-depth experience in strategic and user experience driven product & service innovation, as well as technically advanced in hardware, software, online, offline consumer engagement and data management etc.. to connect seemingly not related information to discover insightful ideas.

Last but not least, good user experience driven innovator are generally passionate about life and helping others to success, so they are sensitive to hidden customer needs and desire with exceptional attention to detail, and an empathetic heart.