What is Product Design2


A forgotten design discipline

Product design also called Industrial Design is a board type of design discipline which creates most of our daily objects like mobile phone, camera, television, laptop, coffee maker, toaster, cooking pot, cup, chair, house ware, lighting, pen… the list could goes on and on…

Product design discovers and amplifies consumer insights and adds values to business. However, comparing to the higher profile fashion design, graphic or interior design, product design is relatively low profile, i.e. the guy behind the scene.

Many people do not even know there is a discipline call product design; somehow, someone puts all things together in a plastic shell, and then there is a phone! 🙂

Well, there are actually some humble product designers & engineers behind those great products you use everyday!

Below is a very brief sharing on product design discipline, hope it reflect some voices for the silent product designers.


Product design processes

Generally product design training covers a wide range of products with project base assignments. Product designers requires to do market research and consumer learning regarding each project, then based on the insight discovered in the research to start the concept generation, design development, prototyping, consumer testing, 2D/3D design visualization, engineering & model making etc.…


Discovering insights is a paramount skill

Product design is a complex discipline closely related to people’s daily life, and it requires exceptional observation and learning capability in designers. Product designers are required to be open minded with wide scope of interests & knowledge in social, cultural & technological developments etc., so they can discovery deep insights in consumer and market needs to inspire original and wanted products.

Form good to great designer

Great product designers not only have exceptional skills in unveiling insights, they will also master the arts of imagination and visualization, so they can effectively communicate & sell the great ideas to the stakeholders.

A great product designer is normally a master of science when it comes to manufacturing and production, so they could inspire engineering teams with creative solutions to overcome any technical challenges and get the design produced with top quality and efficiency.

Last but not least, a great product designer will have deep understanding in the business needs and objectives, so the design solutions are serving the consumer needs & business objectives!


To be continue….