Founder is the toughest job

Being a founder is the toughest job in the world, but it is also the most rewarding way to grow personally & professionally.

Being a founder is to be an entrepreneur, and entrepreneurship is tough because it requires a strong body & mind to handle rapid changing challenges in product development, team motivation, business development, financing and stakeholders management etc.

Founder never fully trained

Entrepreneurship is a very tough job because no founder can be fully trained before taken on the job; they must have the courage and determination to tread the unknown water and keep learning in the process!

A successful founder is expected to be an entrepreneur who can “walk-the-talk” & “talk-the-walk” to navigate and lead their team towards high ground.

You can read all about the theory about entrepreneurship, the real learning begins only when you take actions to start your business.

Must have determination to grow

If there is one must-have quality as an entrepreneur, it might be the determination to grow!

Founder is the toughest job because the entrepreures are never fully trained, and yet everyone unfairly expect them to make decision on everything!

The only way for entreprenuers to survive is to rapidly grow person capabilities while nurturing a great team to grow their business, mostly on their own!

Kudos to all entreprenuers who has the toughest job in the world while fighting hard for their dreams!