Donut King is expanding its franchise to mobile vans and expecting 30 van-partnerships within next year.

It is a smart move to explore new growth with direct -to-customer model targeting industrial areas, sporting groups, schools and corporate offices. It helps existing franchisees to get closer and reach more customers, and it also open up new franchise models on-the-go vs the traditional brick and mortar stores.

To support the new business model innovation, Donut King will need to rethink their franchisee training program and logistic model, as well as sales and marketing strategy and new customer experience design.

Innovation comes in different forms, it could happen in silo departments like product development, process efficiency improvement, revenue model, or digitalise operations etc. However, the most impactful innovation will take care of the whole business models that require changes & actions from every function with customer-centric and future focus vision.

Business model innovation is scary for most business leaders with its complexity, and for those who are visionary and care about the long term growth of their business. They will always find ways to experiment new models to create value for new customers on the horizon. The leader will take business innovation as their core responsibility to tread the unknown water of future changes and growth.

Donut King’s van fleet will open up new sales opportunities, and there will be lot more gears to dial to make the new system work!

Sooner or later they must face the biggest challenge in its core product offering in the stream of health & wellness conscious new generations. What other innovations needed to be in place if Donut King want to survive the next 30+ years?

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