Tumi’s Game On campaign to launch its first esports collection, an integrated product innovation & brand strategy.

As an international travel, lifestyle and performance luxury brand, this is a great strategic attempt to drive stay relevant to the younger esports segment with integrated product & brand innovation!

Though, they might need a little more push to reiterate the brand perception of being too “business” and too “mature” along the way.

The great news is that, with the first step, Tumi will find out soon whether it works or need further strategic adjustment!

Welcome to the world of Business Innovation.

It is essential to continue drive innovation to catch up with the rapid changing market, especially in China.

It is even more critical to stay relevant to the needs and taste of your target segment. Not only the current users but also the future growth engines for your business.

In Tumi’s case, the esports professionals need to travel around to international esports shows. They are “professional” gamers with a passion in driving esports performances, many of them spent a fortune in their precious esports gears.

Tumi’s Game On esports collections might be just the right solution for the professional esports gamers travel in style, professionally and a touch of luxury from Tumi!

Look forward to see if the strategy works, and how Tumi adjust their innovation strategy in product & brand innovation accordingly.

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