augmented Reality AR

augmented Reality AR


Augmented Reality for Kid’s Learning

We’ve seen serval application of Augmented Reality (AR) viewing through mobile devices or video screens, where virtual creations co-exist with real life in the display screens.

Disney research had take it further to brings the AR virtual creations to real life environment!

With this reverse application, it transform reality environment into virtual stage for your imaginations, and I think HideOut inspire many other potentials.

Opportunities for Mobile Companies

Looking at the HideOut prototype, it is obviously not very user friendly and chunky. I’m pretty sure Disney should have talked to some mobile phone manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, HTC, Sony or LG etc on possibility of launch a HideOut ready Mobile phones with built-in projector. If they don’t, they should or I would!

Disruptive innovation for education, gaming & entertainment

With the advance development of mini projector technology, projected augmented reality in real life is another big thing to watch in the next few years.

There is a huge potential in education, gaming & entertainment industry to transform dull environment into new fantasy worlds.

I bet you will see “AR Mickey Playhouse” in Disneyland very soon, and your kids could play chess game with Mickey in real life!