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Nokia and Microsoft’s should consider Phoneblocks

I think Phoneblocks is a good idea at least Nokia and Microsoft worth to consider as a chance to compete vs Apple and Google.

Although hardware customization is NOT for everyone, but I’m sure there will be enough supporters who like the idea of tailor made hardware just like Android & iOS for software.

Help save the world

There were loads of electronic are made trash everyday, just because it was an old model or one of the parts fail to work. And it has created a huge problem for the environment, as well as a waste of resources.

Phoneblocks could help to solve a bit of that issue if it could be execute & market properly with some great supports from the industry.

Commercialisation Challenges

Although Phoneblocks is a great idea with good purpose, it  fundamentally challenged the existing business models for the mobile phone players.

Realistically, Phoneblocks¬†will be much likely to get supports from hardware and electronic component companies then the consumer brand names like Apple & Samsung… As it gives a chance for component suppliers to sell their components are consumer products, where less people will buy brand new phones.

Opportunity for Nokia and Microsoft

Although phoneblocks might challenge the current business model of selling phones, nevertheless, it gives a whole new customer experience that Apple and Google are currently NOT offering.

And strategically, Nokia and Microsoft has a better advantage to take the route of hardware customization with Nokia’s rich experience and connection with component suppliers, and Microsoft’s expertise in building software connection platforms, like it did for the Windows.

There is no easy win for Nokia and Microsoft on the mobile market, and phoneblock might just give them a good option to consider verse the new giants Apple and Google.

Mass Customisation is the Future

I strongly belief mass customization is the future, and products like phoneblocks will become more popular and comment in all industries.

With the help of technology, customers will no longer satisfy with mass products that all look the same and function the same. The future is the competition of Customization Services vs DIY hobbyists… which will dominate the luxury and premium markets, where pre-made products will soon become low cost commodities.


About the author:

Justin Tsui is a business innovation consultant specialized in holistic product design, brand strategy and digital marketing solutions. With 15+ years professional experience working with MNC consultancies and companies, Justin worked in wide range of projects in various industries like FMCG, Retail Marketing, Telecommunication, Licensing, Electronics, and Public Space Design. Justin have developed many products and brands with proven success, and has the privilege to worked with some of the renown brands & companies including P&G, Tide, Ariel, AT&T, VTech, Chicco, Kappa, 7-Eleven, Disney, Hello Kitty etc…

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